Thursday, June 20, 2013

Haziness ...

I just came back from a farewell lunch with my boss ... and the haze condition is getting from bad to worse! I always wonder if the scale that our government is measuring is accurate? It sure looks much worse than what is indicated on the index!

I am supposed to make a trip to Batam (again!) this weekend, to make up for the disastrous trip the last time round. I thought since this time round, I have booked a hotel around the city centre and will be mostly around the city area, hence the trip may be better? Unfortunately, due to the hazy conditions, it looks like a trip there is out of the question for now.

How long more are we going to breathe in this smog? Luckily my colleague managed to get the rounder masks so I have been living off that! Otherwise, goodness knows how much polluted air I am going to inhale!


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