Monday, June 17, 2013

Healing Cracked Lips ...

My lips have been chapping whenever I go overseas ever since I was ten. That year we went to Genting Highlands, and I went around with painful and red lips throughout. I thought nothing of it and continued my vacation happily.

Then when I was eleven and we went to Sydney, my lips started cracking again. My aunt gave me her pot of Vaseline to apply, and it healed quite fast, so I thought I could stop applying, but it started cracking again the moment I stopped.

That was when I realise I had this problem whenever I was away. My mum said because the air overseas is drier, as well as up in the mountains, so my lips would be the first to be chapped, hence I need to moisturise them very well.

When I was twelve, we went to Cameron Highlands. My mum allowed me to apply her lipstick throughout, and nothing went wrong. So I presumed applying something to my lips is the way to go.

Through the years, I started to realise that applying petroleum jelly on my lips help a lot in moisturising, much better than normal lip balms, lip glosses and lipsticks. Since then, my lips never went bare. I would always have at least a lip gloss or lip stick on my lips.

There was a period of time when I applied my lips with white soft paraffin, which could be found only in the Skin Center, and must be diagnosed by a specialist. I went there for treatment as my lips kept chapping for no reason and it was affecting the skin around my mouth. After that, I was discharged from the Skin Center, so I started using pots of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, especially when I went overseas.

Through the years, I have tried lots of lip products, like lip balm, lip butter, and whatnot, but none actually work as well. Thank goodness that my lips do not chap as much anymore, so I can get by with any product now. Even when I went to the States two years back, I could apply normal lip gloss and my lips did not get chapped.

However, during this trip to Israel, I did not wish to take chances. Israel is in the middle east region, which means it is very hot and probably dry. I did not wish to end up with chapped lips. After trying so many products that I find average, I came across Kiehl's Lip Balm which I heard is pretty good. I was fortunate that I got a tube for Christmas and I bought a Cranberry-flavoured one on my own.

I brought these two to Israel, and applied them only when necessary, instead of every day and night and every few hours as before. In fact, I only applied the lip balm on the plane and in the mornings after breakfast. I did not even apply them when I sleep at night, except for the last two nights.

And I am pleasantly surprised that my lips did not chap! The balm glides on smoothly and I feel my lips very moisturised, so much so that I hardly need to re-apply. My lips remain smooth and moisturised throughout the trip, with no cracking or chapping! Great product!

So now that I have found my gateway to healing cracked lips, I am going to stock up on Kiehl's Lip Balm and use them for a very long time!


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